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“D” is for Dinosaur

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This week at preschool, the Letter “D” is up to bat.  That means, for share day, they get to bring a dinosaur and/or a dinosaur book.  SuperBoy is going to be elated.  Like, over the top.  He loooooves dinosaurs.

And I’m in New York.  I’m getting ready for a first meeting with an impressive woman and I have work to do.  Work I chose to do, work my husband and I agreed was good for me, good for the blog, and ultimately, good for the family.

I’m nervous…I’m trying to get my head in the game.  Seriously…my meeting is in nine minutes and all I can think of is “D” is for dinosaur.

I have a great sitter that we found thanks to my friend Kris and Sitter City.  She sent me pictures yesterday of the kids making Halloween masks in the kitchen.  I can hear the “ROAR” from here.

I’m excited.  I’m nervous.  This is an incredible opportunity for me. As I sit here in my quiet New York hotel room I am reading through materials…organizing blog posts…getting my head in the game.  “ROAR”

I don’t know how women who travel on a regular basis do it.  This is enough for me.  Two weeks ago I was at Type A Mom Conference (and loving every minute of it).  Last week I was working with Libby’s to get families Back to the Table.  Yesterday I landed at LaGuardia facing the biggest blogging adventure of my illustrious career.

But, “D” is for Dinosaur.  And I’m not there to zip the backpack.

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