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Discount on Disney World Stroller Rentals for #DisneySMMoms

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***The discount in this post has expired.  It was specifically for attendees of the 2012 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration.  I still highly recommend you rent your strollers from Kingdom Strollers if you are in the market.  If you are unconvinced you can watch a video review and read 7 Reasons to Rent a Stroller from Kingdom Strollers on Your Next Disney Vacation .***

Planning every detail for our trip to Disney World for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration is slightly overwhelming.   I haven’t even gotten to the “make a map of Disney” thing I’ve heard about …. or “Plan Your Driving Route so You Get There On Time” thing I’ve heard about …. no… I’m currently vested in the smaller, more important to me right now details like the “How to Get Your Three Small Children Around Disney World with Minimum Taxation on Your Arm Muscles” thing I’m worried about….

Did you know that Walt Disney World has stroller rentals??

Fabulous idea!

Expensive idea….and a little difficult to manage logistically…. the stroller can’t leave the park…and apparently are not the most comfortable devices around.

Now what?

Disney World Stroller Rentals

Kingdom Strollers is stroller rental company in Orlando that will not only rent you a stroller during your stay in the Orlando area, they will deliver the stroller to wherever you are staying and then pick it up when you leave.  You can take the stroller with you between parks, from park to resort…even around to other attractions/stores/venues in Orlando during your stay.

There are several different types of strollers:  doubles and singles of varying size and “weight class”.  I was able to book the City Elite Double Stroller  which is long enough for children up to 50″ tall and its weight capacity is up to 100lbs.  It comes with a rain cover and an attachable cooler … and every stroller is standard with cup holders for the grown ups.


This means it will fit SuperBoy (who I’m sure won’t THINK he’ll get tired)...and one of his SuperSiblings.   It also means we will have a stroller to use at the end of the day when we head back to our resort….when we shift from one park to the next…and when we are done the good folks at Kingdom Strollers will come and pick it up for us.


All of this for the same price as the Disney World stroller rentals ….and more comfort to boot!

The discount in this post has expired.  It was specifically for attendees of the 2012 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration.  I still highly recommend you rent your strollers from Kingdom Strollers if you are in the market.  If you are unconvinced you can watch a video review and read 7 Reasons to Rent a Stroller from Kingdom Strollers on Your Next Disney Vacation .


How did I discover this great discount on a Disney World stroller rental?

Well, it turns out that Matt at Kingdom Strollers is not only friendly, he has a good sense of humor, too.  (And by good sense of humor I of course mean: He thinks I’m funny.)

I’m a little paranoid about having our name plastered on items used by my children so when I picked out a “NameTag” for our stroller, I naturally went with “”.  This sparked Matt’s interest.  Emails and a phone call were exchanged and voila! A beautiful new friendship was born.

What do I get out of this deal?  Why…. a stroller rental, of course!







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Disney Celebrates Social Media Moms (That’s ME!)

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The SuperFamily is embarking on our first life-sized family vacation in just a few short weeks!  In true “I’m a blogger, it’s part of my life” style…. it will be a hybrid family vaca and social media extravaganza.

For the third year in a row, Walt Disney World, in conjunction with Resourceful Mommy Media, Mom Bloggers Club, Mom Select and 5 Minutes for Mom is hosting the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL.  This awesome combination of Disney Magic, Social Media Bliss and Family Adventure is happening April 26 – 29 and this year, attendance is by invitation only.  You can imagine how excited I was when those first invitations went out on January 25 and I found one in my email.

How amazing is it that I get to be a part of this conglomeration of cool?!

I am waiting anxiously to hear what the conference has in store for us this year….past years have seen speakers like  Renee Syler, Chris Brogan, and Guy Kawasaki.  I get to spend 3 days with some of my favorite people in the blogosphere (I’m not going to name them…less I miss any!)….and I get to meet their families!  In these interwebs and at conferences we do form amazing relationships with other bloggers….people who “get” what we do.  Those people are in large part who they are because of their families….to have this opportunity to meet this other part of their lives and to share mine with them?  Extraordinary.

I’m not going to even try to play cool when it comes to the fact that I get to take my kids to Walt Disney World.  I mean:  WALT DISNEY WORLD!!  I have been there once before….for one day….when I was in college.  That’s it.  I can only imagine what is in store for us….but what sits in the front of my mind is the look of sheer amazement and joy on the faces of all three SuperKids when they see that castle looming before them….or when walking down the street towards them is:   Mickey Mouse!  Not a lot in this world can make me happier than sheer joy emanating from my children.  Shhhhh…We aren’t telling them where they are headed until we arrive at the park!!

Like the crazy adventurous people we are, SuperDad and I have decided to road trip our little ol’ family down to Florida.  That’s right:  2 adults and a 6, 4 and 2 year old in the minivan….headed for fun.  Sounds sort of Griswoldian, doesn’t it? (I blame Shannan for making it sound feasible).

I’m planning like a mad woman.  I’ve researched tricks and tips for car travel with the kids (and by researched, I of course mean I scoured Pinterest).  I rest comfortably in the knowledge that even if everything goes to hell in a hand basket out the window, our disastrous misadventure will at least make for good blog fodder.  I may be blogging for my sanity.


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What I learned This Week

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Social media is something that I love.  I love the connections I have with people all over the country; the world.

When we felt tremors from an earthquake in Oklahoma, all the way in Kansas last week my first response was to go to social media for answers.  And I got them faster than any other news source.

When I am struggling, when I need advice…heck, when I don’t want to call the doctor because I’m afraid I’m just overreacting yet again to the tiny haze of a rash on my son’s leg…. I turn to social media.

A day spent with my children is wonderful/tiresome/overwhelming and often lonely.  Having social media at my beck and call connects me to a world of adults, knowledge, politics and humor that isn’t readily available from my current companions.

But this week I learned that there are times I wish I could turn it off.  I wish that I could X out the things I don’t want to see or hear.  I learned that the drama other people implore upon what has become my personal space feels like pollution.

I actually commented to a group of blogging friends earlier this evening that my chosen circle of friends within social media…the close friends and family that I keep consistent tabs on, does not suffer from the drama I so often hear about with Facebook or Twitter.

My family is hurting.  We all handle it differently.  It is more difficult than I would have thought in a situation like this, to deal with the way others implore social media when it affects my life so personally.


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The Travelocity Emails

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The following is a letter I received from Travelocity Public Relations in regards to the snafu I encountered first with their site hijacking my flight prices (is that bad terminology to use when speaking of air travel?) and then with the very poor customer service put forth by their company:

Jenn, I”m sorry for the delay. Unfortunately, your note
was filtered to my junk folder and I”m just now seeing it. I”ve
seen your subsequent tweet and am really sorry that you”re having such a hard time with our services. Would you like for me to put you in touch with one of our booking specialists? I”ll have them waive the $30 phone fee. At the very least, I”d like to send you a promo code good for a future hotel booking with us. Please let me know your thoughts and we”ll go from there.


Joel Frey

Public Relations,

Unfortunately, this email came AFTER I had booked my flights directly through Delta. After I had spent days waiting for the assistance that Travelocity had promised me to make up for the very incomprehensible experience I had booking my flights and watching the price skyrocket by $530 during the process of “purchasing” the ticket. After I had been tied to a set of flights that was going to be hell on SuperBaby, on me, and on the other passengers we fly with.

So I responded: (Let me own the fact that I typed “Jeff” instead of “Joel”…#betterattentiontodetail)


While I appreciate finally receiving an email, I have already booked my flight directly through Delta.

Initially, I was so impressed and pleased that your Social Media Team picked up on my tweet and offered what appeared to be a helping hand. I waited for assistance, then I waited some more. I looked at flights one more time through Travelocity with the intent of finding flight numbers to directly book through airlines and had the same experience with a less
drastic increase (Only $150 jump this time). I was baffled, to say the least. Had I searched your twitter stream I would have realized my error in waiting for assistance.

Now I will be traveling across the country with my 21mo son with an arrival time of 9:30pm PST…or 11:30CST. His normal bedtime being 7:30pm CST. When we fly home? We will arrive at 11:50pm CST and proceed to drive an hour home. I feel very strongly that this unfortunate schedule is due in large part to the fact that I waited to book a flight, assuming I would receive assistance.

Your offer is a very tired excuse for customer service. The very
first thing that should have happened on Saturday was an offer for phone help with the ridiculous $30 fee waived. That should be standard when dealing with an unhappy customer, don’t you think? If a company is going to operate customer service within social media, their personnel need to be able to act on the situations.

While I don’t fly more than a handful of times per year, and my
flights are often booked by companies I am working with; I have been using your service for
years without encountering these problems. Now I’m hearing it at every turn. I can’t help but wonder what has changed?

I have also never booked a hotel through Travelocity and I can
promise that I won’t begin now. Another late and inappropriate attempt to appease me. My problem is no longer simply my irritation with what appears to be a very intentional plan to bait and switch flight prices. I’m offended at the way your company uses social media to appear helpful and caring when it is most certainly used to get disgruntled customers “offline” without really solving any problems. It is offensive.

It is my sincerest hope that Travelocity will come to a more
respectful view of its customers and the social media venue. It can be a very powerful tool when used correctly and many, many companies have used that to their advantage, way beyond a few giveaways and the intermittent “Have Fun!” tweet.

Your former customer,

Jenn Hethcoat
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I did receive a subsequent tweet from Travelocity apologizing for my bad experience and thanking me for “keeping them honest”.
This email followed:

Jenn, I appreciate your tweets and subsequent thoughts today. Needless to say, but juggling customer concerns on digital mediums is a big challenge. We’ve been addressing customers via Twitter and Facebook for two years now and our strategy continues to evolve. As you have pointed out, there is definitely room to improve, but I’m still very proud of our work especially when considering there are many companies that flat out refuse to deal with customers at all in social media. Feedback like yours will only make us better – so again, thanks for taking the time to hold our feet to the fire.


Joel Frey
Public Relations, Travelocity

Kuddos for having the gumption to reply to me…. but it is an apology wrapped in a refusal to honestly admit a problem.
“We have been addressing customers via Twitter and Facebook for two years now”. This is supposed to be impressive from a company whose business is online?
Addressing customer concerns online should be second nature to them…or, um, first nature. The difference between their standard business operation and “digital mediums” is that now they are dealing with the fact that now everyone can watch how they deal with people.

“I’m still very proud of our work especially when considering there are many companies who flat out refuse to deal with customers at all in social media”. So you are proud of yourself for doing something because someone else doesn’t do it at all?
I’d rather have someone not deal with social media if they don’t want to or can’t do it correctly than to have someone use it as a guise for real customer service just to say they do. That is very poor reasoning.

Thanks for following along with the #SuperSaga.
Hopefully this will not be a “Saga” at all and SuperBaby will hang like the trooper I know he can be.
Hopefully this will draw some attention to another company who thinks they can treat their customers poorly because they hedge bets on consumers being too busy or overwhelmed to do something about it.

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