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Found Time

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SuperBoy and I have been struggling.  A lot.

He has been on a string of nasty with me for daaaays.  I am fed up.  Today we had to drive to Kansas City for an allergy appointment and we would have a little time alone.  I usually love one on one time with my kids, but I am not joking when I say that for the last week the kid has had nothing but venomous words for me regardless of what I do.

I was not looking forward to this trip.

I steeled myself with resolve and headed out the door.  It was raining and cold.  We were running minutes behind on a very tight schedule.

There was a lot of standing water on the highway and we encountered the inevitable accident.  Traffic was at a standstill and it became apparent that we would not be on time to his appointment.  I called the office and asked how much wiggle room we had?  None.

I asked if we could get the testing done and then phone consult in regards to the results?  No.

I was paying a sitter.  We were already all the way to Kansas City. Was there anything we could do?


We would have to reschedule.  She is booking for January.

We got put on the top of the wait list and promised a call soon…. but we would have to come at a moment’s notice which most likely means we will be dragging Thing1 and Thing2 along for the ride.

SuperBoy was not happy.  He’s been pretty miserable and was looking forward to getting some answers.  He started in with “Great.  Now we’ll have to drive and drive until you can find a place to turn around and then drive allll the way back….”

I could have yelled.  I could have pulled over and throttled him.

We drove to Legends and parked the car.  When he asked what we were doing I said: “I don’t know.  Our plans changed and I’m not going to let that ruin my day.  We’ve just found time.”

We talked about random things we could do.  We had three hours.


In that three hours we watched Puss in Boots in 3D (a new experience for both of us)


Danced and laughed in the freezing rain

Checked out cool dinosaurs and other Jurassic phenomena

And cracked open a super cool geode.


Then we battled the wind and laughed as we got soaked to the bone…. dried off, ate in the car and drove home.

I am grateful for the plans that went awry today.

I had some invaluable time with my son who is struggling….I strengthened my resolve to love and cherish him and banish the demons that make me want to pull over and throttle him (see above).

More importantly, I taught my very tightly wound son an excellent lesson on how to take a step back, breathe and make new plans when things don’t go the way we intended them to rather than let it destroy our day.

He didn’t know I was taking notes for myself today, too.

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