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Honor Your Teachers: Make Monday “Thank A Teacher Day”

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Like most of the country, I’ve been sitting in my house this weekend in shock.  Devastated and heartbroken for families I’ve never met and frozen in fear that this happened to children.

I heard a psychologist say that one of the difficult things for the country at large in a situation like this is that there is nothing to “do”.  Not really.  When there is a storm that leaves massive destruction…. we send money, we lend a hand… we help to rebuild.  This is different.  We are helpless in the immediate wake of this disaster.  We are sitting and watching in horror … praying and grieving.

There will be time in the days to come for me to stand for what I think is good and right and needs to be done…but for my soul…for my own aching heart I feel like I need some kind of resolution NOW.

On Monday morning I’m going to be offering thanks to the teachers at Langston Hughes… simply with some breakfast muffins, juice and coffee (the GOOD kind).

I have 460 paper heart cut outs to tape to the door of the staff lounge.  One heart for each of our 460 students.

Every morning a little piece of my heart walks into that school and these men and women care for him, educate him and help him grow.  I want to thank them NOW…and lend them some love during a time that cannot be easy for them, either.

I’m not alone in this sentiment.  Hundreds of bloggers across the country are also encouraging their readers to make Monday, Dec 17th “Thank a Teacher Day”.  So please, “Pin This”, “Share This” and consider doing something for the teacher(s) that you love.  A simple thank you note, a hug … an email… something to let your teachers know how much they are appreciated.


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