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478 Hearts to #ThankATeacher

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This weekend I wrote a post about getting up … standing up and doing something about the pain in my heart after the SandyHook tragedy.

I’m following up today because after it all came together…. my #ThankATeacher project was so much more than I had hoped for!!  Baking and preparing all afternoon I spent my time thinking about the teachers.  Much like a prayer shawl… I baked and created with these teachers in my heart..pouring my gratitude into my actions.

So I baked 4 different kinds of muffins.

And then I cut out 478 hearts.  (No fear, I used my Cricut …so it only took a few hours ;) )



After almost no reaction to the  limited version of events that I shared with him, SuperBoy was insistent on coming with me to help on this project.  He understood exactly what we were doing and why we were doing it.  So at 6:30AM I drug a very sleepy boy out of his bed and poured him into his clothes and we loaded up the van.

We met our friends at school and got to work.  We worked so quickly I only had a chance to grab a few quick photos on my iPhone…but you’ll get the idea.

First we laid out our breakfast treats, made sure the designer coffee made it into the appropriate pots and then we started on the door:



478 paper hearts… one for each child that attends our elementary school… littered the door to the staff lounge.


We had a good time.  We felt better.  We were doing something positive, something nice for someone else…and it eased the pain and helplessness that we were feeling.

We had to leave before the teachers began to arrive.  Assuming this was going to be a difficult day for them we didn’t want to add to the pressure they were already under….and I don’t think I could keep it together when I looked into their faces.

But we left this message for them:



“Every morning pieces of our hearts walk through these doors.  You educate them, you care for them, you help them to grow.  Thank you.”


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