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Monday’s Magical Moments: Sleeping Beauty

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Disney Pictures


After two weeks off I’m back to share some of my favorite Magical Moments with Disney!

The very first thing we did at Disney last spring was to take our kids to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique where they were properly “Princessed” and “Knighted” for our adventure.  They were so adorable and all of the cast members around Walt Disney World played along:  they greeted SuperGirl with a bow and a “Hello, Princess” … and random strangers graciously commented to her on how adorable she was.

We returned to our room mid-afternoon so I could get ready for the first of many amazing Disney Social Media Mom events; I spent maybe 15 minutes getting ready and when I looked over to the bed… this is what I found:

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, Sleeping Beauty


Nobody said being a princess was going to be easy.


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Monday’s Magical Moments: Honey! I Shrunk the Kids!

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This spring’s visit to Walt Disney World held one very memorable activity for SuperBaby.  At only 2 1/2 years old he thoroughly enjoyed the parks, the rides and the food…the characters and all of the excitement….but his favorite venture was at Hollywood Studios in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids! play area.


Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World


This whole play area is designed like the Szalinkski’s backyard!  There is only one entrance/exit and it is guarded by a cast member so kids can run and play…climb and jump to their heart’s content.  While all of the SuperKids had fun in this oversized backyard playground….I think SuperBaby had the most fun because he was “set loose”.  He wasn’t being told “Stay With Me!” or made to sit in the stroller.  He could exercise some of his budding independence and use up some energy at the same time!


Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Hollywood Studios

Sitting on top of a giant ant yelling, “Yee-Haw!” and giggling like crazy.

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Monday’s Magical Moments: As the Sun Sets

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Disney Pictures


The 2012 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration was held at the Yacht Club.  Our first night we attended a “Swashbuckler’s Soiree” on the beach.  This was our first night at Disney World, and the first sunset I witness there…and it was breathtaking.  Magic rings from every corner of this place.  It is simply beautiful.



Yacht Club Resort Walt Disney World

The back side of the Yacht Club Resort, taken from the beach in front of the Beach Club.

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Monday’s Magical Moments

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I’ve posted almost zero of my photos from our trip to Disney last April.  I realize, however, that if I flooded my blog with them many of you would stop coming by for a visit…


I decided that every Monday I would post one of our Magical Moments from Disney.  Share a story or a cute picture of my kids (did you doubt it?), or a beautiful picture I took while on our amazing trip.

Then it occurred to me that other people might want to share their Magical Moments, too…. so Monday’s Magical Moments was born.  Maybe you’ll play along, maybe I’ll just have stellar, reliable, never ending content on Mondays for years to come.

Here is my very first and possibly favorite Magical Moment from Disney.  Our first night at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration we participated in a Swashbuckler’s Soiree on the beach.  SuperGirl had been duly “Princessed” at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique early that day and just as the sun was beginning to set she looked up and…. I kid you not…. she said:


“Mommy, look!  It’s the WISHING STAR!”

And I melted.


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Stroller Rental Review: Kingdom Strollers

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Walt Disney World


When we went to Walt Disney World Resort in April, we decided to rent a stroller from Kingdom Strollers.  I had never used a rental service before and wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, or if this was really a service we needed.  Heck, I’d never even been to Disney before… I had no clue how a stroller would fare in the parks.  If you are having the same doubts, see my post “7 Reasons You Should Rent a Stroller from Kingdom Strollers for Your Next Disney World Vacation” and know that this is the right decision to make.

After I signed up for the service I was contacted by the owner Matt and one thing led to another and I agreed to do a review of their service and their product in exchange for a free rental during our stay at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration.

The Positives:

  • The stroller was waiting for us at our hotel when we arrived and was in immaculate condition.   It occurred to me that I may have been provided with a newer stroller since I would be reviewing the product until I came across family after family in the parks that were also enjoying  Kingdom Strollers rentals.  Some of these strollers I viewed from afar and some of the families I approached directly.  The conclusion I came to was that all of their strollers are as well cared for and clean as the one I received.  There was not one complaint from the people I spoke with.
  • There were very clear directions attached to the stroller on how to use it and how to return it at the end of your stay.  SuperBaby was running amuck in the lobby of the Yacht Club Resort when we arrived after having spent the previous 24 million hours in the van…..and it was so self explanatory and easy to use I was able to get him strapped down after only two escapes out the front doors.
  • The design of the strollers is amazing.  If I had known how important a stroller would be in our life with children and how much we would use one, I would have purchased one of these years ago.  There are so many pockets, cup holders and conveniences built into the stroller it is amazing.  Look for yourself:


I keep rattling off all of the great things about the strollers and the service.  I’ve been told that a really good review will also point out the negatives, it will be well rounded. So here goes.

The Negatives:

  • The stroller was only a double.  We should have also rented a single because our children were constantly fighting over who got to ride in the stroller.  We considered this but had planned on taking our Ergo and figured we could carry SuperBaby when push came to shove (and push did come to shove, quite often).  But we drove off without it.  We were also concerned that pushing around two strollers would be cumbersome.  In retrospect I don’t think that would have been a problem at all.
  • Because it was a large double stroller (the largest they have available but it accommodated our 6 year old) it was difficult to transport on the trams.  While it was easy to fold (you simply pick it up by the handles located in the seats) it had to be hoisted onto the tram.  In of itself this was a little difficult, but while trying to outrun the other 600 people in line for the tram and wrangling three small children (and everything you normally stored in the stroller)… it was an event worthy of the Mommy Olympics.  With two parents around it was manageable but on the morning I headed into Magic Kingdom with the kids by myself?  I was dependent on the kindness of strangers and a sharp tongue for the not-so-kind strangers.

That’s it.  Those are the only two things that I can think of as negative aspects of the entire experience.

A Couple of Side Notes:

  • They offer cases of water with your rental for $9 each.  DO THIS.  You will not find water this cheap anywhere on property and it is delivered right to your hotel along with your stroller.  We thought we didn’t need this because we were being smart and bringing our own refillable cups on our adventure.  What we didn’t account for was that (no offense Floridians) the water tasted horrible to us.  We couldn’t drink it from the tap or the water fountains.  $9 will buy you approximately 3 waters inside the park.  This is a steal and you should take advantage of the service.
  • Your stroller comes with a large orange nameplate to help you identify your stroller in the sea of strollers, but you may want to bring your own flare to help your stroller stand out.  Our experience was that everyone left everyone else’s belongings alone, but accidents happen and you would hate to walk off with the wrong stroller.
  • While we chose the City Elite Double, there are many different styles to chose from.  You are sure to find one that suits your family’s unique style and situation, including special needs.  Kingdom Strollers carries the Liberty Special Needs Stroller for families with special needs members.
  • Kingdom Strollers also has full sized crib rentals available with the same great delivery and pick up service.  I heard that once a dad called in the middle of the night because his small child simply would not sleep with the room arrangements they had.  The dad was exhausted, the child was screaming…. and Kingdom Strollers came to the rescue with a crib for the child….and everyone slept happily ever after.

Renting a stroller can be one of the easiest decisions you make and using Kingdom Strollers will make your experience even better!

Happy Disney!

While I did receive a stroller rental in return for a review of the product and the service, all of the opinions in this post are my own.  Would I have it any other way???

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