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Wordless Wednesday: Fallen Towers

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I had the humbling experience of seeing this piece of one of the fallen NYC Twin Towers during the Fourth of July Parade in Ralston, NE this weekend. It was so striking and powerful, I had trouble pulling myself together to grab a picture.


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Wordless Wednesday: Rainy Night Life

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Experimenting with my Nikon D3100, learning how to adjust ISO and exposure.



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Wordless Wednesday: Tiny Little Hats

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This is the only culinary creativity coming out of the SuperHousehold this Thanksgiving.  These were super easy and the kids actually made them all themselves.  I sat and refereed the bowl of frosting.  The whole venture took us a little over half an hour.  They were so proud and SuperBoy got to share them at preschool for a Thanksgiving snack.

I’m very particular about my baked goods… I take a lot of pride in them.  It is really hard for me to let something out of my kitchen that isn’t up to, what I think, is par.  But these cookies were made with so much pride and joy….they couldn’t be more perfect in my eyes.  I’ve definitely come up with a new definition for “Perfection”.

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Wordless Wednesday: Sparkly Skirts

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SuperGirl has been obsessed with fashion since before she could walk.  It started with shoes and has progressed from there.  She sits and lets me fix her hair; after, of course, stating exactly how she wants it.  She picks her clothes each day and will comment on the clothes everyone else is wearing.  Luckily, she is a kind spirit and only sees the beautiful :)

We were shopping for Holiday outfits last weekend and I swear my head was turned for no more than 30 seconds.  I turned back around and she had filled the cart with every fluffy, sparkly skirt she could get her hands on.  Except for gold.  I caught her as gold was being pulled off the rack.

Unfortunately for me, she’s adorable AND the skirts were on sale.  We ended up with silver, red and turquoise.  I’m saving turquoise for a Christmas gift.

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Wordless Wedesday: FwohUps

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Two weeks ago the flu hit our house with a vengeance.  One by one, day after day, the kids fell victim to this stomach bug.  It was gross…it was tiring…SuperDad and I managed to trade off all nighters so the other could sleep…make no question that we had our share of the ick as well.

Ever since then, SuperGirl has used the phrase “Mommy!! I gots moh fwow ups” as a deterrent…to keep herself out of trouble (no one wants fwohups in the corner on their wall, right?)…to keep from going to bed (no one wants fwohups in their bed, right?)…and for cookies??? (“Mommy, I tink cookies make my fwohups feel ahll bedder”).  She is nothing if not creative.

I’ve given her a plastic bowl to keep in her bed…telling her if she actually does throw up that she can call for me and I will most assuredly coddle and soothe her…but not until then.

When we returned from the store today she wanted me to put SuperBaby down for his nap while she put herself to be, telling me to come and kiss her when I was done.  Lamenting the growing of my babies…I did.

Not 5-10 minutes later when I went to check on her…not only did I find her asleep…but I found this:

She had fallen asleep with the stupid bowl on her head!  Not only that…she was sleeping so hard after only 5 or 10 minutes that she didn’t wake up as my flash went off and I took picture after picture of my sleeping beauty:

I should have named this my “Not At All Wordless Wednesday”.

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