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Pictures of MoM(e)

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I’m becoming so engrossed in my new photography obsession.  I LOVE taking pictures, exploring and learning about the way light works…. I definitely have found a new view of the world through the lens of my camera.

One thing I am NOT good about is having my own picture taken.

Outside the realm of my discoveries in photography I am, like most most moms, always behind the camera during family events, play dates…. in daily life.  I don’t end up in the pictures; and most of the time that is fine by me.  What inevitably ends up happening is that if I DO end up in the photos I am:

  • At my kids’ birthday party and I’ve been baking/cleaning/wrapping presents all day and forgot didn’t have time to shower. I slapped on some make-up and did a do-over on my hair.  And it shows.
  • Haggard.  I’ve been wrangling the family to birthday parties/family holidays/events and/or preparing for the same said events and I am sleep deprived.  Oh, and I forgot didn’t have time to shower, slapped on some make-up and did a do-over on my hair.  And it shows.
  • Post Partum.  The largest number of photos of me that exist (outside of the plethora of pictures of my butt on my kids’ iPods) are at the hospital as I am or have just delivered my children.  I am both haggard and didn’t have time, energy or an ounce of care about showering.  Or putting on make-up.  Or doing my hair.  And I’m pale.  And fat.
  • Wearing clothes that don’t fit.  Between pregnancy, breastfeeding and my normal struggles with a healthy diet I rarely have nice clothes that fit well.  My clothes aren’t appealing because they don’t fit right or if they do… they are in every picture I’m in because I’ve worn them to death.

There are times when I think about what my children will have to look at when I’m old and I cringe.  I have pictures of my grandma from when she was younger and she is beautiful.  Flawless.  And those pictures are in the days of pre-post-editing.  I have almost no pictures of my own mother and this makes me sad.  I want my kids to have pictures that remind them not only of what we did in our lives….but of me enjoying our life.

What’s a girl to do?

Oh, wait.  I have all of these amazing friends who take amazing photographs.

Last weekend I worked with 4 blogger friends who I adore, trust and with whom I can generate amazing ideas and content.

After re-tweeting a “Before and After” photo shoot on Twitter the other night, Sandie came to us and said:  I need to practice my portraiture and I want to try out something new.  I need guinea pigs and you all are it.

So along with writing, learning, and sharing over the weekend….we had some photos taken.  In clothes that fit. Fully showered.  Make-up and hair that was done with purpose and skill. (Did I mention there are no kids on this trip?)

The catch?  We were doing “Before” and “After” pics like the ones in the links above.

I was terrified.

But I made the conscious decision to let that go.  I was with people I love and trust.  The pictures aren’t going to be risque … they are meant to be beautiful.

There is no reason that I shouldn’t love having some pictures of myself.  So I  committed to loving them.

And love them I did.

There are many pictures from the shoot…and from pictures my friend Kristen took of Sandie taking pictures of me…that I love just as much because they remind me of how much fun we had.

And I’m going to post them.  Soon. (Along with pics of the beautiful B & B we stayed in …)






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