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**Note** I looked for some clever cartoon or image dealing with housework…feeling overwhelmed…but all of the housework pictures had happy, glowing people…and all of the overwhelmed pictures had frumpy, overweight women who looked, frankly, suicidal. I’m too embarrassed to use a picture from my OWN house…so no clever wit of a picture from me here :)

Look at me with massive amounts of content this week! I’m going to thank the second tri-mester goddess who has granted me with a modicum of energy and forethought!

What I don’t have in my life right now is structure…in any way, shape or form. It seems like every time I get something figured out…or I start to figure something out… life throws me another doozie.

So how to go about getting some structure? My friend BrandyEllen at Happily Blended is starting a series on Time Management and Organization…right up my alley!! I’m hoping I can learn some tips and get some ideas to help me get my house and my life under control!

My first thought is to actually have a schedule…and teach it to Brendan. He is starting to grasp some concept of time so I’m going to make him a “schedule” …here is what I’m thinking.

I will make a chart that says what time things are going to happen…like 7:00 and a picture of the sun for waking up…then 8:00 and have a picture of some clothes. Do the same for snacktime, lunch, naptime, dinner and bedtime. Put the chart next to the clock in his room and start teaching him that when the numbers look the same it is time to have those things done. These are all things that he is constantly asking me about.

I’m hoping that this will help hold ME accountable for a daily schedule as well.

My second thought is that even though he is only 3 1/2 years old…I’m going to start giving him chores. Last week I told him that he needed to pick up his dirty undies off of the bathroom floor and put them in his dirty laundry basket. He looked me square in the face and said “That’s YOU job, Mommy.” I said “Oh no its not!” and he said “Yes it is. You not doin’ you job.” I nearly choked. Rest assured he DID pick up those undies and put them in the basket.

So, I think chores are in order. Small, simple ones. I’m thinking he should be responsible for putting away the clean silverware when I empty the dishwasher in the morning. (Again…hoping this will also put more pressure on me to follow through with getting that done first thing in the morning.)

I also bought a Dust Buster today. Brendan was in love with it from the begining because it was “Jus’ my size!!”. So I figure a perfect job for him will be to chase down the furballs that continue to float around my house courtesy of our three fury dogs, continually changing weather and new laminate flooring.

So what are your thoughts? Anyone? What do you do with your toddlers…your household schedule? I need to get out of this downward spiral that I’m in before another beautiful, mess making soul enters my life!

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  1. Ah those famous dust bunnies. How do they grow so fast? It seems like my house is always in a mess. It’s crazy. I understand your need for structure.

  2. Great ideas! I don’t think he is too young to handle chores. We have our three year old help her sister clean their room every Saturday. She is in charge of picking up all the dirty laundry off the floor and putting it in the garage by the washer and dryer. She also helps out with the dishes sometimes.

    Have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. Getting your child on a schedule with a chart – is actually something I was thinking about doing with AJ. Gosh we can support each other in our journey! Hold is your son? Mine will be 3 in August.

    Here is today’s getting organized post tip

    I also have a giveaway from Organized Home, Inc you may be interested in – check out my giveaways section :-) Right now it’s featured too!

    Thanks for mentioning me!


    P.S. What’s your twitter ID – the button on your page doesn’t work and I can’t find u :-(

  4. LOL, when you figure out how to get your 3 year old to do chores let me know….I can hardly get my 8 year old to empty the bathroom trash without throwing a fit!

  5. I started giving the Princess Nagger chores around that age – simple things like putting her shoes where they belong (instead of just kicked off wherever – which gets undermined by Dada kicking off his shoes wherever…) and picking up her toys. She loves using the dust buster to help with the dust bunnies that seem to run rampant this time of year (compliments of 2 doggies and a hairy cat). :)

    I love the idea of the picture chart – we have a book that her Nana got her that has a clock with hands and a schedule of activities – she loves that book, so I bet she would have been receptive to a picture chart at Brendan’s age for sure! :)

    Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day! :)

  6. I can tell you those fur galls spontaneously regenerate! Thanks to my labrodoodle, we have them all the time! Little Pea love to have a “routine,” and she makes me run down all our activities in order for the day. She is getting to where she can recite the routine depending on the day of the week.

    She also empties out the silverware from the dish washer and she loves to wipe down the kitchen table. I think having pictures is a great idea!

  7. hey you! I gave you a blog award:

    How’s pregnancy treating you my friend?

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    Miss talking with you on Twitter!

  8. Okay how did I not know about this blog – did you just start it?? I love it!

    Thanks for linking to me, without that I would have never found this – love the name too!

    I agree with all your ideas and FYI regarding chores: my daughter was helping me at age 2 with everything, granted I was a single mom of one child so it was much easier than dealing with two other ones while trying to instill some order and chores … she had fun folding clothes with me and wiping down counters, etc etc. Of course I may have had to refold the clothes or not give her chemicals only water .. but she had fun and it created an ongoing routine of her doing chores. I will say she is almost 7 and this past couple of weeks she has been a MESS, so I am trying to figure out where all her daily routines to do chores went!? LOL
    .-= Brandy´s last blog ..Kelly Confidential: Have a Lemonade For A Cause =-.

  9. You are super fast, Brandy!! We just launched the blog tonight :) Just an update to reflect what I’ve learned about myself in the last year of blogging :) LOL

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