Random Tuesday Thoughts: Vampires and Bloggers

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I haven’t read a book other than Harry Potter in four years. Seriously. How sad is that? Then I got this Kindle… and I’ve managed to read the entire Twilight Saga in under a month. I keep having these crazy dreams… not like crazy sexy… just crazy vampire dreams. I read a blog post from one of my favorite bloggers one night while I was breastfeeding…then dreamed that she was a vampire (you can see now why I’m not linking her). I read all of the Vampire Chronicles back in the day, too. Now what shall I read? I hear True Blood is some full on vampire porn… maybe I should go there. Heaven forbid I should read something of SUBSTANCE that might improve my brain function…. isn’t that what Words With Friends is for?

I’m amazed at the retention rate of my 4yo. He is unfortunately, quite the good listener…even if he pretends not to be. I try to make sure he is listening by having him look at me…. the other day he was rambling about something while I was changing SuperBaby’s diaper and he says to me “Mom. Look at me so I know you are listening.”

I’m a little worried about what the future holds for him, however. The other night he was shaking his head back and forth as fast as he could…making silly noises all the while…making himself as dizzy as possible. When he stopped his eyes were glazed and he slumped back in his chair and said “Niiiiiiice” with a dopey grin on his face. DH and I just looked at each other and laughed, despite ourselves.

Have I mentioned yet today how pure and wonderful and calm SuperBaby is? Even at his WORST moments… he soothes me and makes me feel calm and protected.

We booked our HONEYMOON! Five years in the making DH and I are taking our honeymoon….to St. Lucia! We are staying at an all inclusive resort with the WORKS and I am so excited!! Want to know the best part? We are paying cash! Saving and putting money away we were intent upon having this trip be fun and extravagant… without pulling us into debt and WE DID IT!

I’ve got nothing else today. I’m not random…I’m sleep deprived and under medicated. Better luck next week!

For some other random individuals…be sure to visit Keeley at TheUnMom. If you are random in your Tuesday thoughts…leave a link here and I’ll come ponder your views.

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  1. Holy Matrimony woman. You’ve GOT to know we’re in love, eh?

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