Weekly Menus: April 11 – 17

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It has been two weeks since I posted a solid menu. This also means it’s been two weeks since we had a plan to follow at home and two weeks where we overspent our budget, ate unhealthy “filler” meals and ate out waaaay too much. Time to re-evaluate and buckle down.  I’ve been spending quite a lot of time going through The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook so you will be seeing more and more of those recipes show up in my menus as I try to tighten the budget.

Now, I’m planning like crazy this week:

Saturday: Chicken Enchiladas, green salad
*I have a whole chicken in the freezer I’m going to cook in the slow cooker and debone. A full recipe makes a 9 x 13 pan which is too much for my family. I’m going to make 2 batches…one will feed my family and my friend Aprile’s family (CONGRATS, APRILE!!) and the second batch will go into the freezer. While the whole enchilada does freeze nicely…I may just freeze the filling in two batches. The enchilada sauce is make your own…all with ingredients I keep on hand and I purchased some tortillas at Dillon’s last week on sale, with a coupon with the idea that I would be making these soon.


Breakfast: pancakes, Morningstar Farms “Sausage” patties, frozen fruit
*Pancakes are from scratch, I will need to pick up Morningstar Farms patties and I have the frozen fruit mix I bought a month or so ago at Aldi.

Lunch: Egg Salad Sandwiches, carrots and ranch, chips
*I’ll give you one guess where this is coming from!  That’s right, we are using up the remainder of the Easter Eggs for salad this weekend.  I’m adding Light Mayo to my shopping list…for the first time since this summer I’m running out! I will also need to pick up ranch dressing.

Dinner: Skillet Spaghetti, french bread, green beans
*I’ve got all of the spaghetti necessities and this is a recipe I got from my grandma!  I’m going to use the recipe that I got from The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook.  I am really enjoying her quick and yummy bread recipes!  I’m using canned green beans I have in the pantry…making way for (hopefully) my own canned beans from our garden this summer!

Monday: We will be out of town.

Tuesday: We will be back late.  I will have sandwich fixin’s on hand so we can eat a quick dinner at home.
*I will need to purchase deli meat and tomatoes.  We will use lettuce from Saturday night’s salads.

Wednesday: Salisbury steak, broccoli, homemade clover rolls
*This recipe is new for us.  In fact, I’ve never, ever made salisbury steak in my LIFE.  My friend Sarah shared this on her MomTV show Wednesday night and I thought it sounded quick and simple so I’d give it a try.  Of course, I will use venison burger which we have in the freezer already.  I will need to pick up a brown gravy packet (unless I can find a quick and easy recipe for homemade) and some fresh mushrooms to throw in (on sale at Aldi this week!).  I have rice on hand to serve this with, but depending on my grocery expenses I may purchase a package of egg noodles.  Broccoli is on sale at HyVee $0.99/head so I will pick that up and I will make the clover rolls from the recipe I found in The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook.

Thursday: Honey-Mustard Salmon, Asparagus, Brown Rice
*This is straight from The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook.  The whole menu idea…for $5!!  I picked up some Wild Caught Salmon at Aldi for $3.49 a bag last week, I will spend about $1 on asparagus and while I have brown rice on hand, she prices is at around $0.40 for one cup (unprepared).  I will have to pick up asparagus.

Friday: Italian Chicken Breasts, Rice and Veggie Mix, homemade biscuits
*I’ve got chicken breasts in the freezer stockpile, I will need to pick up Italian dressing.  Marinated chicken breasts is one of my favorites…quick and easy and now that its grill season we can do it out there!  I’ve got Green Giant Steamers rice and vegetable medley from a recent sale at Dillon’s.  I’ve got the basics for the homemade biscuits..and of course honey and jam to top it off!

Breakfast: Quiche in a Bag, Fresh Fruit, Blueberry Muffins
*The quiche is in my freezer…this one has green and red peppers, mushrooms and feta cheese.  Strawberries are on sale at Dillon’s and lood GOOD this week we will mix those with $0.39 bananas from Aldi and I will make blueberry muffins with frozen blueberries I got on sale at Target 3 weeks ago.

Lunch: Leftovers

Dinner: Homemade Pizzas
* A favorite of the kids’ I have a great recipe that I use for homemade pizza crust.  We load up with veggies ( I will pick up peppers, mushrooms and olives) cheese (I have a TON in the freezer!) and my kids’ favorite…Pepperoni.  I have some Hormel Low Fat Pepperoni in the fridge that we will use.

So here is my shopping list:

*Edit: We took a family shopping trip with my husband running the calculator while I sped through the aisles.  He was shocked to see the prices on some things!  I’ve edited my list by crossing out the things I didn’t get (too expensive…not enough coupons) and adding, in bold,  the extras that we picked up along the way.

Italian Dressing
Ranch Dressing
Black Olives
Gallon Milk
Rice Milk 1/2 Gallon
Light Mayo
Brown Gravy Mix
Egg Noodles
Morningstar Farms Sausage Patties
Deli Meat
Frozen Salmon
Frozen Tilapia
Baby Carrots
Smart Ones
Pampers Pull – Ups
Chicken Breast Tenderloins (2 pkgs)
Spaghetti Sauce
Pizza Sauce
Chopped Green Chilies

This week’s Total: $57.00
$7 over budget.

So that’s it…my MUSTS for this week…I will use whatever is left of my $50 budget to find a few items to stock up on for future use!

Because I’m nosey I want you to succeed in taking away a little bit of stress in your life… I want to see what you have on your menus this week! Leave a link to your menu for the week below!


  1. STILL working on mine. Have it mostly finished and should have it up tomorrow. I will link then. Glad to see a menu again for you! I feel the same way when I do not plan. Even when I do plan we have nights like tonight where I have to scrap it for reasons out of my control. Thanks for the inspiration and the support. Curious about the $5 Cookbook. I really do not need another cookbook but, is it really worth it?
    .-= Kris´s last blog ..Very funny =-.

  2. I really am liking the $5 Dinner Mom book… I will hopefully be doing a giveaway here soon. BUT … you lucky lady you… I can just bring it to Mom’s Time and you can see it there…decide if you think it would be worth it! Not sure if I’ll make it this week…but definitely next week!

  3. my menu for the week:
    monday: will probably suck
    tuesday: leftover suck from monday
    weds: something nobody but me will like
    thurs: is it fri yet?
    fri: anything to keep people happy.
    weekly savings; ZERO!

    i MUST do what you do, and MUST get this $5 dinner mom book. thx.

  4. Have my menu up but still working on a shopping list. I love weeks involving sick children and absent daddies.
    .-= Kris´s last blog ..Very funny =-.

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