Weekly Menus: February 28 – March 6

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Friday night Eric and I ordered out Chinese food.  This was the first time in a month that we ordered out, and truth be told I never really made it to the grocery store this week.  I made a quick trip for green onions and milk..so I didn’t feel like we were stepping out of our budget lines by ordering out.

Know what?  It didn’t taste very good, and I got an upset stomach about an hour later.  That is not saying it wasn’t good food…I usually LOVE the place we ordered from… what it IS saying…is that I now remember what happens when I stick to my menu planning and cook for my family.  My taste buds return.  I’m more discerning about what I eat and I’m more sensitive to fats/oils/salt in restaurant food.

Let’s not pretend this will make me stop wanting to eat out.  It does, however, reinforce my resolve to cook for my family at home.

Sunday – Sloppy Joes, French Fries, carrot sticks

Venison burger from our freezer and manwhich from a can.  I purchased some on sale at Dillon’s about two weeks ago.  I have french fries in the freezer that I bought on deep discount, with a coupon.  I have enough to last us for like 4 months I think.  I will need to buy hamburger buns.

MondaySkillet Ziti with Chicken and Broccoli

I keep different kinds of pasta on hand, I buy it up whenever I get a good coupon/sale so I have some penne in the pantry I’ll use for this.  Chicken was purchased at Target last week.  Normally I would use fresh broccoli but as I’m buying a larger amount of fresh produce this week I may use frozen… I’ll see how my grocery bill looks.  I have Roasted Red Peppers in the pantry as well.  I will need to buy some cream.

Tuesday- Tilapia w/dill, baked red potatoes, asparagus

I have Tilapia left in the freezer from a purchase at Aldi about a month ago that I’ll use for this.  Dill is dried from our garden this past summer.  I will buy red potatoes and asparagus this week.

Wednesday – Marinated Chicken Breasts, fried rice w/vegetables

As simple as tossing some chicken breasts in Italian dressing for a couple of hours then cooking on the stove.  I got the dressing as part of a “buy 10″ sale deal at Dillon’s several weeks ago and I stocked up on Chicken at Target last week.  Fried Rice is a Weight Watchers recipe that we really like and I always keep rice on hand!

Thursday – Leftovers

Friday - Sticky Chicken, homemade biscuits, green beans

- Yes, I’m STILL using whole chickens that I bought at Target this summer at rock bottom prices.  I only have a few left, I’m going to have to keep an eye out for more!  Homemade biscuits are made with staples we keep around the house and I will buy some fresh green beans this week if they look good.

SaturdayHomemade Pizza

- Leftover Sticky chicken cut up will be a great addition to the pizza, I’ve got turkey pepperoni from the LAST pizza we made (its a favorite around here), I will need to buy some cheese, olives, artichokes, green pepper and mushrooms.  This one is going to be a doozie!

So what does my shopping list look like?


Green Beans

Red Potatoes



Hamburger Buns


Rice Milk


Green Pepper


Black Olives

Half and Half

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  1. Sounds delicious! I wish I was that organized. I never know what to cook until later in the afternoon. Have a wonderful Monday!
    .-= Cascia @ Healthy Moms´s last blog ..How to Cope With the Loss of a Pet =-.

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