Weekly Menus: January 18 – 24

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My main sticking point whenever I talk about coupons and saving money is simple: Plan your menus from what you have in your pantry, shop for what is on SALE and your perishable items whenever possible.  I’ve been using coupons and using the theory of stockpiling for well over a year so this is a comfortable practice for me.  For someone just beginning, it will be a little more difficult.

Not only does planning menus help you to save money on your grocery bill… it keeps you from wasting money on eating out when you aren’t sure what to prepare….it gives you the opportunity to take better care with WHAT you and your family are eating…you will be more apt to sit down at the table and eat as a family…and it will help to ease the stress in your daily life.

I am going to post my weekly menus every Sunday as a way to share ideas and methods with each one of you, and I will be keeping myself and MY family on track as well!

Monday: Meatloaf, Noodles and Sauce, Cooked Carrots

  • My husband hunts and processes venison for us every year so I will pull this from the freezer.  I bought a box of noodles in mushroom sauce on clearance, with a coupon from Dillon’s a few weeks ago for appx. $0.50.  Carrots in my fridge from last week.

Tuesday: Greek Lemon Chicken, Red Potatoes, Green Beans

  • This Weight Watchers recipe calls for boneless, skinless chicken thighs.  I have some chicken breasts in my freezer, AND they are on sale at Dillon’s for $1.99/lb this week so I will use those instead.  I have red potatoes on hand from a previous meal and will buy fresh green beans.

Wednesday: Homemade Pizzas, Tossed Salad

  • I make my own pizza crust using a recipe I found at MomAdvice .  We will use chicken breast, pepperoni which I will buy this week and pizza cheese from the freezer that I got on sale at Target for $1/ea this fall.  I will need to buy some Rice Mozzerella cheese for my daughter.  Dole bagged salad is on sale for $1/ea at Dillon’s.

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Homemade Chicken Soup

  • This summer Whole Gold N Plump Chickens were on sale at Target for roughly $4.50.  I was able to use a $1 manufacturer’s coupon stacked with a $1 Target coupon to get these for appx $2.50/ea.  I bought 12 and put them in my deep freeze.  I will use one for the soup.  I will need to buy onion, celery and chicken bouillon at the store and I’ll use the carrots I have from last week.

Saturday: French Dip Sandwiches, French Fries, Peas

  • Again I will dip into our venison store and make a roast to slice for sandwiches.  A little over a month ago I found a Family Size bag of Ore Ida frozen french fries for $3 and was able to use a $1/1 coupon.  This is my 4th meal using them and we will still have some left!  I have frozen Green Giant Peas that I bought on sale at Dillon’s in October for roughly $0.30 per package.  I will need to buy rolls for the sandwiches.

Lunches: Grilled Turkey and Cheese, Vegetarian Chili, Cheese Quesidillas and Black Beans, Leftovers, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Homemade mac and Cheese

I use fruit, juice, crackers and cheese as well as granola bars for snacks for my kids throughout the day.  I also will occasionally make desserts for my family with what I have on hand.

Wednesday this week is Brendan’s Birthday…so we will spend a little more money on groceries that we normally do since we are having company over for homemade pizza.

What will be on your table for dinner this week?

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  1. Sounds good! I am looking for good granola bar recipes for snacks and breakfast on the go. Do you find them on sale or make your own?


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