Weekly Menus: January 2 – 8, 2011

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My first set of menus for the New Year!!  I feel like they should be momentus…  astonishing… heck, even exciting would do.  Unfortunately, life prevails and here at SuperFamily Headquarters we are in crunch time for some exciting new changes….which means boring ol’ dinners this week….EXCEPT for Tuesday night which will be my “What’s New For Dinner” night!!  Yeah! 

Without further ado…. the first set of menus for 2011!

Sunday: Pizza Night! 

 My favorite pizza crust recipe takes just a few minutes to make with the KitchenAid and is delicious every time.  Throw on some turkey pepperoni, deerburger, mushrooms, black olives, cheese and seasonings and you have three Super Happy Super Kids.  This meal is a 5 star on the “Kids Like it So Much They Are Quiet” meter….a winner in my book!

Monday: Hamburgers and French Fries, Carrot Coins and Fruit (to be determined by the whims of preschoolers)

I will be out of town, leaving the kids and SuperDad to fend for themselves tonight….this seems like an easy dinner solution.

We have an entire freezer full of venison this year (I kid you not, 4 deer have filled my entire freezer to the brim…and we are in search of an additional upright to serve our other frozen needs) I’m so happy to have it on hand…completely and totally provided by SuperDad.  I had a great deal on OreIda fries a while back so there are some in the freezer (under the mounds of meat) and carrot coins are my newest trick for getting the kids to eat their veggies.  Apparently, they taste better round than in sticks.

Tuesday: What’s New For Dinner? I’m glad you asked!….Tuscan Chicken with Artichokes

Sounds fancy, doesn’t it?  It is a slow cooker recipe I pulled from a Parents.com weekly email last week.  This uses boneless, skinless chicken thighs which are usually a little pricey…but I got a great deal this past weekend at Target.  Frozen artichokes, fresh zucchini, grape tomatoes and some whole wheat couscous…one dish dinner in the slow cooker!  We’ll see how the fam digs it….post to come.

Wednesday: Roast, Potatoes and Carrots (probably in “coins”)

The best recipe I’ve found for roast, venison or otherwise, was a Weight Watchers recipe that uses basalmic vinegar and onion soup mix….yumma.  I’m interested to see how much of a roast my family puts away this year with the inclusion of SuperBaby in the eating foray; that kid would pick red meat over mac and cheese, chicken, pb&j … he can see it coming a mile away and all other food becomes obsolete.  Should I be worried?  Generally we have enough for sandwiches later in the week…but I’m not making those plans just yet.

When the roast and veggies are done I’ll add a salad and my Homemade Biscuits.

Thursday: Leftovers (Mama’s Day of Rest)

We have some activities Thursday night and I don’t want the kitchen messed up too much so leftovers it is.  There should be enough to put something together :)

Friday: Salmon, Green Beans, Wild Rice and Dinner Rolls

Here in the middle of Kansas, seafood isn’t exactly “fresh”…so I go with frozen…which seems like the best choice to me.  I always buy our frozen fish at Aldi…it is hands down the best product and the best price, I can get a bag of 5-6 fillets, individually wrapped for $3.88.  No lie.  I think it is comprable to the fish I used to buy from Schwan’s. 

Saturday: Spicy Black Beans and Rice, Chicken Breasts and Salad. 

A standby recipe for me this one is super low in points if you are a Weight Watchers fan….and very full of flavor and filling, too!  If they are lucky….I’ll throw in an additional night of biscuits this week here too :)

A Small Disclaimer about My Menus:

 I only post my dinner menus here.  I tried posting everything a couple of times but frankly, some people are just rude….I’m not a fan of being graded on my meal plans or berated for my food choices…SO…in the spirit it is intended…my dinner menus serve to 1)Keep me organized and on top of my game during the week,  2)Inspire and re-envigorate your family dinners and 3)Give a little insight into how a frugal budget and using coupons still allows you to provide healthy and homemade meals for your family!  Enjoy!!


  1. I want your pizza crust recipe…I know I saw it here once and probably saved it somewhere but I have no idea where now!

  2. I got the recipe link from @bailann …. it is a great recipe on AllRecipes.com


    Enjoy :)

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