Weekly Menus: March 28 – April 3

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I’m a little late with the typing this week…but I’ve had the menu plan in place since Saturday! It is never a good sign when you start off the week behind!!

Good news for me…we are traveling this week to Omaha to visit my family for the Easter Holiday.  I’m really excited…PLUS I don’t have to spend as much time in the kitchen!!

Sunday - Leftovers

Monday - Sandwiches (Not the small kind…the italian bread, meat and loads of other good stuff kind), Green Beans

- This will be my big expense for the week.  I will need to purchase Italian bread, turkey, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes and deli muenster cheese. MMMmmmmm.

Tuesday - Tilapia, asparagus, wild rice.

- I have Tilapia I purchased a few weeks ago at Aldi.  I will need asparagus.  I have the Wild Rice I purchased a while back.  I think I will mix some dried fruit into the rice to change it up a little bit.

Wednesday – Sunday we will be out of town!  I am going to take a Quiche in a Bag (I wrote this as a guest post for Coupon Geek back in February) and the Ravioli Lasagna (tried this last week? I got the recipe from All You and my family LOVED it) along to contribute the family cooking.

So my grocery list will look a little different this week.  One thing we’ve discovered is that we also need to start buying a gallon of milk every week as opposed to a half gallon… and we will need a half gallon of the rice milk instead of the smaller size we’ve been buying.  I’m seeing my family’s needs creeping up in small increments as my kids get older.

Green Beans (on sale at Target $0.99/lb)
Asparagus (on sale at Target $1.99/lb)
Italian loaf bread
Sliced Deli Turkey
Sliced Deli Muenster Cheese
Gallon 1% Organic Milk
Half Gallon Rice Milk
Fruit Cups (To travel with)
Frozen Blueberries (on sale at Target $2.99/bag)

I’ve found that posting my menus each week keeps me accountable to myself and my family…and my readers!  It is a great way to take just a little bit of stress out of my life; keep my family eating a healthy, balanced diet; and keeping my budget in check!  So… what is on YOUR menu this week?

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