What a Difference Preschool Makes (repost)

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The SuperHousehold is moving. I haven’t been able to post in a long time… because I don’t multi task well, apparently. Well my chaotic life should not cause you to be deprived of my beautiful pros. I’m going to republish a few articles over the next week or two … just so you don’t forget me. This post came to my mind today after I finished volunteering.
Original Post date: Nov 18, 2010

I love the days that I volunteer at preschool. For 2.5 hours I get to help do art, put out snacks and sing songs with my son and a room full of his “friends”. Approximately every 5 minutes SuperBoy looks up at me and gives me a goofy grin…or a thumbs up that makes me all warm inside.

At preschool, SuperBoy is the model of good behavior. He listens, follows directions, shares with the other kids. He eats his snack then politely asks for more…waits in line and washes his hands before it is time to sit down.

We get to have hugs, he sits on my lap. Volunteering at preschool is FUN. For days before it is my “turn” to volunteer he says “Mom…are you going to be my teacher today at school?”

Then yesterday, on the way home he said to me, “Mom, why are you different at preschool?” I asked him to clarify….fearing I already knew the answer.

“You act different when you are at my school.” Again, I asked him to clarify…what does he mean by “different”.

Come to find out I was right. “You don’t yell at preschool and you do all the stuff with me.” That particular morning I had put him off several times when he wanted me to do art with him… in lieu of dishes, laundry and a blog post or two. Let it be noted that we do art several times a day…this particular time, because my afternoon was to be spent running carpool and volunteering, was being spent on house chores.

My stomach fell, my heart broke. I was different at preschool. I was nice there…I was not nice at home. I am such a horrible mother.

Oh wait.

“SuperBoy, why are YOU different at preschool?”


I explained all of the above: the minding, the listening, the all around good behavior.

“Oh yeah. I don’t know. I guess I like Miss Kathy and Miss Donna.” And you don’t like me???

So we talked about why that might be. The fact that the ONLY thing we have to do while we are there is focus on preschool activities. For me: there are no bills to pay, no dishes to wash, no diapers to change or other kiddos to take care of. For SuperBoy: all of the attention was dedicated to him and his friends and entertaining them, there was no diversion.

I’m feeling more rational about it all now… I won’t cry myself to sleep anymore…or maybe just once more. I would love for our house to always be like preschool… but it’s not. It’s my home, my business, my preschool, and the place where three little bodies vie for my attention all day long.

What a difference preschool makes.

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