Wii Eat Healthy Breakfast: Baked Oatmeal

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One of the new features I am going to give a run is a piece called “Wii Eat Healthy”…as a Wii Mommy I of course want to get fit and be healthy…with a pregnancy that is a pain in my uterus…the exercise portion of my life is slowing down, drastically. I’ve decided to turn lemons into lemonade and focus my energy on eating more healthfully….and, of course, frugally!

I’m going to use this opportunity to share with you some healthy recipes, some great ways to save money on healthy food, and how to bring more healthy into your kitchen. Over the next four months I will rotate Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks each week…hopefully passing on some great ideas!

This week I’m going to share a breakfast dish I discovered about a month ago on The Thrifty Mama. This recipe for baked oatmeal can be found originally at $5 Dinners. It is quick, healthy, and inexpensive…and everyone in my family loves it!

This recipe is so flexible, you can add whatever fruit you want and it will be fantastic. We used blueberries this time and served it with vanilla yogurt.

My husband topped his off with some crushed strawberries that I was preparing to make jam with and thought that was pretty tasty.

The original recipe can be found at $5 Dinners it is super simple, just oats, eggs, sugar, applesauce and fruit..a little baking soda and some salt…. The Thrifty Mama suggests that you can substitute yogurt for applesauce in the recipe…I’ve tried it both ways and we liked it better when we baked it with applesauce. We’ve also cut the recipe in half and found that is a better meal size for our family of four. We just baked it in an 8 x 8 glass pan.

I entered this recipe into the Weight Watchers Recipe Builder…half of a recipe with a full cup of blueberries and 1% milk and got 3 points per serving for six servings in an 8 x8 pan. Add to this whatever topping you choose to use…it still makes for a very healthy, filling, low points breakfast!

The most expensive part of this meal for us what the blueberries which cost about $2.50 for a bag of frozen… you could use whatever fruit you have on hand…apples, strawberries, raisins… if it is in season it will be even LESS expensive.

This is a big hit in our family…I hope it is in yours!



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