Wordless Wednesday: Left Behind

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On the first day of Preschool SuperBoy dashed out the door without a second thought for the blanket that had been attached to his side night and day, and accompanied every car ride for 4.5 yrs.  Needless to say I broke down in tears.  I even came home and hugged that ratty old thing.

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  1. Oh no! That makes me feel a little sad for you. My son told us he doesn’t need his stuffed bunny and kitty anymore. My husband was just as sad as you. :(

  2. I guess your son has to say goodbye to that old rag at some point, sure beats him walking out the door with it as a teenager…

  3. Aww! Good for him, though. My daughter has never been attached to any one thing, but she has several lovies and stuffed toys in her bed to this day. Happy Wednesday!

  4. Oh, Jenn! How precious! That looks like my first daughter’s blankie, although she has to keep it in a plastic bag since it’s so ratty.

  5. Oh… my heart is breaking because Graham has one.. it looks just like this.. he is actually holding it right now. We go NO WHERE without it! I keep wondering when the day will come that “white blankie” is no longer needed… ugh!

  6. Oh no!! I feel so bad :( Poor thing!

  7. Aw, they do grow up so fast! Sweet pic, I know hoe you feel!

  8. That would have broken my heart too. They grow up so fast!

  9. Oh no!! I would have done the same thing. He’s growing up. Sorry I am not much help, I dread that moment.

  10. It is our job to get them there–still it hurts.

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