Wordless Wednesday: Sparkly Skirts

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SuperGirl has been obsessed with fashion since before she could walk.  It started with shoes and has progressed from there.  She sits and lets me fix her hair; after, of course, stating exactly how she wants it.  She picks her clothes each day and will comment on the clothes everyone else is wearing.  Luckily, she is a kind spirit and only sees the beautiful :)

We were shopping for Holiday outfits last weekend and I swear my head was turned for no more than 30 seconds.  I turned back around and she had filled the cart with every fluffy, sparkly skirt she could get her hands on.  Except for gold.  I caught her as gold was being pulled off the rack.

Unfortunately for me, she’s adorable AND the skirts were on sale.  We ended up with silver, red and turquoise.  I’m saving turquoise for a Christmas gift.

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  1. My daughter loves sparkly things too. And poufy skirts. Sounds like we have some princesses in training.

  2. I miss that house and all of the people in it.

  3. It seems like all little girls like the shiny puffy things. Happy WW

  4. My daughter loves those fluffy skirts too. They are cute.

  5. Lovely skirts.

  6. My daughter is the same way. I’m sure she will look aadorable in them!

  7. My daughter is the same way. I’m sure she will look adorable in them!

  8. I only wish I had a girl…but I love my boy to death anyway. :) Sales are always a good thing no matter the gender. hehehe

  9. I’m still waiting to see if my girls will go the way of the princess. Considering their love of all things creepy crawly right now, I am doubting it

  10. Little girls must be so much fun…if my son had it his way he would wear sweats or shirts and a Star Wars t-shirt every single day. Makes getting ready in the morning a little tough.

  11. I treasure the memory of sparkly clothes, teen clothes isn’t nearly as much fun!

  12. Love them qas olong as they don’t shed on me or scratch.

  13. How fun!! I hope I have a girly girl one day.

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